Why Is My Granite City, IL Car Overheating?

One of the scariest moments for someone that is driving is when you notice that your car starts to overheat. This can be a problem because it puts the driver into a panic mode. You turn yourself to the side as quickly as possible and think the worst about what is about to happen. If you are someone that has experienced this, trust us in saying that you are not alone. If you are needing tips on how to prevent this from happening, continue reading. Our team at Hotz Automotive also has ways to determine why your car might be overheating as well.

Car Engine Problem
A teenage girl is broken down on the side of the road after car began to overheat

Reasons as to Why My Car is Overheating.

There are many possible ways as to why your car may be overheating. Your car hose may need replacing, there could be internal debris in your cooling system, your thermostat is malfunctioning, or you may have a leak. There are different ways as to why it could be overheating from just these, but the ones we have described are the most common reasons as to why you are experiencing an overheating vehicle. With the ways that we have given to you that your car may be overheating, we also want you to know what those mean, and how to handle them.

A Hose Might Need to be Replaced

Over time, the hose that is used to circulate your car’s coolant may be blocked or even detached. While it could possibly not be completely blocked up, the slight blockage that it may have can prevent the proper amount of coolant to come from your car.

There’s a Leak

If your water or antifreeze levels are constantly low, there is a high chance that a leak has formed in your cooling system somewhere. If you are experiencing this, you will need to make an appointment with us today. Our team is more than happy to track down the leak.

Engine Cooling System

One sign that your engine may be overheating is that your air conditioner stops working. You should not be driving if you see that your temp gauge has moved towards the “hotter” side. Do not panic with this because this does not mean your car will explode, but it is very dangerous and damaging to drive a car that is overheating.

Car engine temperature sensor
Car engine temperature sensor close up arrows

What to Do If Your Car Overheats

The first thing to do when your car overheats is not to panic. We advise you to turn off your air conditioner since running it puts a heavy load on your engine. Also turn off your heater, having hot air blowing through your car is not good. If you are noticing huge problems, turn off your car and prop the hood up. This will help cool the engine down. At this point, it would be best to call our team at Hotz Automotive to help.

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