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What Does the ABS Light Mean in Your Granite City, IL Vehicle?

One of the best things to be added to cars in Granite City, IL is the different dashboard warning lights that will come on when something in your car is not working the best that it should. These can include ABS lights, check engine lights, and more. They are helpful because they prevent you from driving around to be surprised when your car stops working. This means you would have no warning about it whatsoever if it weren’t for these lights. With this being said though, do you know what all of them mean?

Vehicle Maintenance

There are different types of warning lights that in some cases if you aren’t sure of what they mean, can be easily ignored. With any light that comes on in your car and doesn’t turn off, this can be a problem. This happens with the engine light, or what we know as the ABS light. If you don’t know what the ABS light means, then continue reading on so you know exactly how to get your car fixed in the best way.

The ABS Light & Why It Matter

Depending on the light that is on, your vehicle may need service to rectify a problem right away. It could simply mean that an indication is needed soon in order to prevent a bigger problem down the road. When it comes to an ABS system, it stands for an antilock braking system. Now, what does that truly mean? It is pretty simple and does speak for itself. This system is what keeps your brakes from locking up when they’re under constant pressure. When you are first learning to drive, you know that pumping your brakes is something that you do. This was an idea to prevent the wheels from locking up when you had to press the brakes for a longer period of time. Now with the ABS system, this does all the work for you.

When the anti-lock braking system consists of several components that work together to give you the ultimate control and stopping power. These parts can include speed sensors on the wheels, fluid level sensors, traction control parts, valves, and much more. When any of these parts fail, the entire system can be compromised and the ABS system will turn on.

Get Warning Lights Checked

Car Repair

The whole reason for the ABS light just like other dashboard warning lights is to let you know that something is amiss and does require attention. There can be many different reasons why this light is on. However, it is safer for you and your car that you take it in to at least get it checked. If your vehicle’s ABS light comes on give our team at Hotzrodz a call today!

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