Why Isn’t My Car Starting? Reasons Why This is Happening.

One of the scariest moments when dealing with your car is heading into a store, coming back to your vehicle to turn it on and it not starting. The first thing that we do as people is to panic as soon as it happens. With that being said, there could be different reasons as to why your car isn’t starting in the first place. Most of the time, it is a fix that any local mechanic can handle. If you are curious as to what these different causes could be, and what to look out for if this does happen to you, we recommend you to continue reading on.


A Dead Battery

One of the most common issues with any vehicle not starting is your battery being dead. If your battery has a little bit of life, you might be able to start it slowly. However, trying this a couple of times and still not getting your car to start, maybe more common. We always advise you to have cables in your car, especially when driving long distances. If you have these cables, you can ask someone around with their own car to help you with a jump start. This should get your car started again and back on the road. Once you get your car jump-started, it might be best practice to still take your car into your local shop, just to make sure everything else checks out.


An ineffective alternator could also be the problem with your car not starting. This might also mean that your battery is not being charged. If you feel as though the alternator is the problem, you can start by looking for a worn drive belt. If the belt does break or the alternator fails, you will receive a warning flash on your car. However, this might not be the case if there’s a flawed system output. There is a simple way to see if your car instrument panel contains a gauge. Just see if the instrument panel is displaying these approximate 14 volts.

The Starter


When cars first were invented, the start was the main part of the vehicle. Technology improvements have led to a better starter that is electric. This has increased the reliability of your starter, however, this doesn’t mean that they are immune to failure. A broken start can typically be known by a clicking sound and can also leave your car in an inoperable state.

With these only being three of the reasons that your vehicle isn’t starting, there are different ways other than these. So if you do have problems with your car, and you know that they do not belong to any other categories, fear not. There are so many different parts to a vehicle, and they all need to be in working order for a car to work properly. If you are seeing problems with your car, or cannot figure out why your car hasn’t been able to start, it may be time to call Hotz Automotive. Our team is here for you to see what your problem could be. If it may be one of these three, or something else. Anyways, giving us a call is the best judgment. It might be the reason for saving money you would be spending in the long run.

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