Cost and Vehicle Repairs In Belleville IL

Repairs and the Costs

vehicles repairs

A lot of the time we will run into issues with our cars that require some maintenance. A simple repair can fix it, but sometimes it may require more than something simple. Depending on what part needs to be fixed, and if there are multiple parts, the cost may be outrageous and terrifying. Don’t worry just yet, we have all the information you need on common vehicle repairs and how much it may cost just for that repair!


You may experience a dead car battery once or twice in your life. Most of the time these batteries will need to be replaced to ensure your safety, so it doesn’t happen again. Again, price all depends on other circumstances, the type of car and battery can play into the price. These will mostly range anywhere from $50 to over $300.


vehicle repairs

Tires cost a pretty penny too. There will be times when you run over a nail and need a patch, which isn’t that expensive. But you will also run into times when your tires are completely in need of a new set, or you hit a curb and risk a blowout. These can cost you anywhere around $50 per tire.


Wipers, not as difficult or costly of a repair as a battery or tires, but they still cost some money. However, you may run into a time where the motor needs to be replaced and that’s where you will run into the issues. Blades are on the cheaper end of the spectrum ranging around $30. But then you run into motor issues and more surrounding the wiper blades and that is what can cost you up into the $200 range.


Brakes giving out on you may affect other parts of your vehicle which in turn requires more money. A lot of the time brakes, steering, and suspension will all rely on each other. If one gives out the other will most likely require maintenance. These are the more expensive times of repairs that you may run into. They can range anywhere from $200 to over $1250. Like we mentioned early, it all depends on what is being done, the type of car, and the type of part.

Taking care of your vehicle is important, you want to be able to ensure your vehicle has the best health, and to do this you need to watch for warning signs and always be on top of the repairs when they are needed so you don’t spend a fortune. Never hesitate to call your local Hotz Automotive in Belleville, IL for any help.

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