Tips for Caring for Your Transmission in Belleville, Illinois

All About Your Transmission in Belleville, Illinois

transmission upkeep

Protecting your transmission is key. Ruining this part in your car could cost you a lot of money and just be overall such an inconvenience to you.

What is a transmission? It is the part of the car that makes sure you’re getting enough power from the engine to the wheels. The key to your car to be more exact, other than your engine.

So, you know what it is, but do you know how to care for it to make sure it doesn’t give out on you? Well, look nowhere else, because we have all the perfect tips and tricks for you.

How to Care for Your Transmission


Your system needs regular care just like most other parts of your vehicle. You should always change the fluid regularly to insure you are giving your transmission the best care. Make sure that the fluid is always at the correct level as well, you don’t want it too low as this can cause immediate issues. Checking this routinely, like your oil will help you keep the proper care of your system.

You also always want to make sure that your transmission does not overheat. Heat to the system can cause a number of issues. You’ll want to make sure that there is an external system cooler to help keep the transmission from overheating.

In short, it is best to just keep a regular checkup on your transmission to insure you don’t run into any issues.

Signs of Transmission Issues

Now that you know how to keep the best care of your transmission, you should be aware of warning signs of a failing system.

You may hear weird sounds coming from your car, might notice some leaks, and you may even notice the smoke. While all of these can be concerning its best to remain calm and assess the situation as soon as it happens to avoid further damage. Sometimes your car can give you an indication that there is a problem and trigger the set engine light. However, it doesn’t happen every time. It’s essential to look out for these issues and be aware of the way your car operates.

You’ll also be able to look out for different ways your car shifts while you are driving, which can give you a clue that something is wrong with your transmission. Always look after your system to save you from spending tons of money. Routine care will do you good! Come make an appointment at Hotz Auto today!

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