Tips For Preserving the Engine in Your Car in Granite City, IL

Without your engine, your car would not be able to go anywhere. Therefore, proper engine maintenance is so important if you plan on driving your car out on the road. Keeping it maintained means that it will not overheat among many other issues that it may encounter. If you have any issues with your engine, it is best to leave it up to your local auto repair experts in Granite City, IL to fix. Here we will be discussing some ways you can keep your engine running properly.

Oil Change

Maintaining Cleanliness

If your car does a lot of driving, chances are the engine is going to get dirty. Over time dirt, dust, and grim are all going to make their way into your engine. Not to mention any fallen leaves. If left uncleaned, it can cause damage to your engine. To clean the exterior of your engine, all you need to use is a vacuum tool of some kind to get everything out. If you do this, be sure to look out for any foul smells coming from your engine. If you notice any, take it to a local auto repair shop in Granite City, IL.

Correct Lubrication

With so many components that make up your engine, it is essential that you have them lubricated properly. If not, the friction over time can cause damage to your engine. A mechanic will be able to help you lubricate the components of your engine.

Fixing Spark Plugs

One problem that can occur in your engine is that your spark plug can become damaged if you do not keep it clean. To prevent any issues, have your mechanic clean that area of your engine. They will remove the plug itself to clean around the space, usually using a special brush or cleaner to help fight off dirt and dust build-up that can lead to problems down the road.

Having Your Oil Changed

Engine Maintenance

One of the most important parts of keeping your engine working properly is to keep an eye on your oil and have it changed regularly. Check on your oil every 6 months or 100,00 miles to ensure that your car is in good shape. Keeping an eye on your oil and changing it when needed is crucial for keeping your engine running properly.

If you need any more advice on keeping your engine working properly or need engine maintenance in Granite City, IL, give our team of experts over at Hotz Auto a call today!

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