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The Purpose of Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System O’Fallon, IL

tire pressure monitor for safety O'Fallon, IL

Your vehicle likely has a built-in tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Auto body shops in O’Fallon, IL can tell you how this system is mandatory in all cars built after the year 2006 ever since the Firestone tire disasters. You will notice it as a light on your vehicle’s dashboard. Its function is to tell you that your vehicle’s tire pressure is low.  Here is more information you should know about your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system.

General Information About Your TPMS

As stated before, the entire purpose of the tire pressure monitoring system in your vehicle is to alert you when your tire pressure drops. This is important as it helps stop potential problems that can arise from your tires. Say for example you put air in your tires during a hot summer day and during the night, the temperature dips very low. This can cause the pressure in your tires to drop considerably. Having the TMPS system in your vehicle will let you know when your tire pressure has dropped too low. The system will even alert you when just one of your tires has low pressure.

Direct and Indirect Systems

There are two types of tire pressure monitoring systems placed in vehicles by manufacturers. The first is a direct system. These sensors will read the inside of your tire from within it. It will read the inside tire pressure to let you know when any of your tires have low pressure. These run off of a battery that lasts about 10 years. These batteries cannot be replaced, which means as soon as it dies you will have to buy an entirely new sensor. It can also be damaged from things like hitting the curb or getting into an accident. An indirect system relies on a system called the wheel speed sensor which will determine the size and pressure of the tire and how fast it turns. It will analyze the information it gathers from your tires to determine the tire pressure. If you have an indirect system, however, you will have to reset it every time you add air to your tires. If you want to know more information about these systems, be sure to ask your local auto body professionals in Belleville, IL.

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Do Not Ignore Your Light

The worst thing that you can do is ignore the TPMS light in your car. It is designed to not only keep your tires in good shape but to also keep you and the passengers in your vehicle safe. If your tire pressure light comes on in your vehicle, take a look at your tires. If you have an indirect system and are not sure how to reset the system, check out your owner’s manual.

If you have any more questions about your tire pressure monitoring system or need to have your vehicle looked at, contact our team of experts over at Hotzrodz today!

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