The Changing Colors of Aging Transmission Fluid Granite City, IL

As the transmission fluid in your car gets older, it will start to change colors. Different colors mean different things about your transmission’s fluid. If you notice any of the colors here that would signify any severe issues with your car, you may want to have your car checked out by a reputable auto body shop in Granite City, IL. Here we will be talking about what the changing colors mean in your fluid.

Transmission Fluid

Red Transmission Fluid

At first, your fluid will be a bright red color and it will be translucent. When your transmission fluid is red, it is a sign that it is a healthy liquid, and it is providing good protection and helping your transmission’s gear shift. You do not need to change your fluid if it is red.

Orange Fluid

When your transmission fluid turns orange, you know that it is getting older. Your fluid is still doing a fine job of doing its duty in your car. You do not need to change the fluid yet.

Brown Transmission Fluid

Whenever your fluid turns brown, you know it needs to be changed immediately. As it darkens with age, it will begin to oxidize, which means that the fluid will start to have a tiny air bubble in it that will get in the way of it doing its job. Be sure that you have your local Granite City, IL auto body shop change your transmission liquid right away.

Black Fluid

Black transmission fluid means that you failed to get your transmissions liquid changed when you needed to. It has typically become so oxidized by this point that it will start to damage more than it helps. It can also cause overheating and can cause your gear to shift roughly. By this point, you need to get your transmission liquid changed right away.

Pink Transmission Fluid

Automotive Repair

Alternatively, if you notice that your transmission fluid has turned pink from red, it is a sign that your liquid is mixing with the engine coolant. This can indicate a serious leak in the cooling system and in the transmission. When this happens, you need to get your car repaired right away.

If you are looking for a professional auto repair company that can help you get your fluid replaced in Granite City, IL, give our team over at Hotz Auto a call today!

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