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Get Your Car Summer Ready with these Car Maintenance Tips

Use these car maintenance tips to prepare yourself for summer in the Fairview Heights, IL area Cars have different needs depending on the season. This is why it's so important to make sure your car is ready to tackle what each season throws at it. This includes basic car maintenance, checking of fluids, and other…
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Tire Pressure Rules to Live By

Use these Guidelines to Maintain Proper Tire Pressure this Winter! When it comes to winter car care, there are few things more important than proper tire pressure. Many car owners take this aspect of maintenance for granted, however maintaining a consistent tire pressure throughout the year can spell serious benefits for your vehicle. Furthermore, neglecting…
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Check your Tires for Wear!

Warning Signs of Worn Tires When it comes to vehicle maintenance; tires are many times forgotten by their car owners until something goes wrong. Whether it’s tire pressure, sharp debris on the road, or just bad luck; tires should be checked routinely to ensure that you’re always safe to drive. It’s also important to know…
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