Questions to Consider Before Hiring an Automotive Restoration Company in Granite City, IL

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There are several things you have to consider when deciding on the perfect place to have restoration work done on your vehicle. It can be intimidating to start your search in Granite City, IL for the right professionals. With so many different places you can go, they will all have different price quotes, work times, and reputations. Don’t settle for the worst, settle for the best! Here we will be discussing some things you want to consider before you hire any auto shop to perform restoration work on your vehicle.

Previous Works

If you are going to put your trust into a company with restoration work on your vehicle, the most important thing you need to look at is their previous work. A company that is not willing to display the work they have done in the past is likely not a reputable one. Be sure that you also take a look for reviews from other people who have hired the services of the company previously. You can typically find such reviews online on places like Google or Yelp.

The Cost

It is imperative that you ask for a price quote on the work that will be done to your vehicle. You can try to get quotes from multiple places and compare the costs. The cost of the restoration work done is usually broken down into how long it will take and what will need to be done. If your vehicle needs parts replaced, it may cost you more given the price of the parts. While price is usually not indicative of the work itself, you still want to get a fair and reasonable price for the work you want to be done.

How Long It Will Take

car restoration granite city il

When you’re getting your vehicle serviced in Granite City, IL, you want to know when it’s going to be done. Having any restoration work done on your car can take a long time and there are many things that can hold it back from getting finished sooner such as damage, budget, having ordered parts, and more. While you may find a shop that can get it done quicker than anyone else, you also want to be sure that the quality of the work is upheld.

If you are looking for a highly skilled and reputable auto body shop in Granite City, IL, give our team of professionals over at Hotz Automotive Service a call today! Feel free to ask us any more questions if you have some.

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