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Issues With Your Car Starter in Granite City, IL

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Having a working starter in your car is as vital to your car as having functioning lungs in your body. Without them, your car is not going anywhere. There can be many reasons why your car’s starter might stop working. Once you know that your starter is problematic, it is best to have your local auto body professionals in Granite City, IL has a look at it. Here we will be talking about some signs that your starter is not working how it should.

Unable to Start Your Engine

One of the big telltale signs that there is a problem with your starter is when you are unable to get your engine to start up. Your engine has to undergo several different processes in order to ignite, one of those components is the starter motor. Problems can occur when everything else in your car is working fine, but it will not start because the starter motor will die before the engine is started. If you are having a problem like this you should have your local auto body repair experts in Granite City, IL has a look at it.

Pre-Ignition Sounds

One common warning sign of a bad starter is strange sounds that you hear whenever your vehicle starts up. You will know when the sound is related to your starter whenever you hear a clicking sound from your car. It can also occasionally hear some whirring sounds. The whirring sound is coming from your starter which has not shut off yet.

Problems with Your Car’s Battery or Alternator

One of the most common reasons that your engine is not starting is that the battery in your car is dead. You will know that the battery in your car is dead whenever the lights in your car stop working since they are all powered by the battery. If, however, your car does not start but your battery is not the issue, it could be a sign there is a problem with your alternator.

Smoke and Burning Smells or Oil Leaks


If you keep trying to start your car when it does not start up, you run the risk of overheating the starter motor. This can cause smoke and foul-smelling burning odors to come from under the hood. If you know your starter motor is broken, do not keep trying to start it. You might also notice under the hood that you might have an oil leak that is spilling on the starter motor. This is sure to kill the starter motor early in its lifetime.

If you are looking for an auto repair company that can help you get your car’s starter motor running again in Granite City, IL, give our team of experts over at Hotz Automotive a call today!

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