Common Parts to Be Replaced During Classic Car Restoration in Granite City, IL

Car Restoration

Getting your classic car restored back to its former glory can be a complicated, expensive, and long process. Some may not even know where to start or what they need to replace. For those living in Granite City, IL who want to get their classic car restored, we have a list of the most common parts that get replaced in classic car restoration projects.

Classic Car Engines

Those who have prior experience working on car restoration projects can tell you that the best place to start when getting a classic car restored is to look at the engine. Most older cars that have just been sitting around not being used or have not been serviced in a long time are not going to have a safe or working engine. The most important things to check out in the engine are antifreeze in the oil pan, any oil in the radiator, and any kind of external leaks. Engines with any of these signs are better off being replaced rather than fixed. You should also run a compressions test on the valves and seats and check the temperatures around the block. If your engine has passed all these inspections, it is safe to keep it, unless you would like to have an upgraded one installed instead.

The Body

One of the other most important parts of the car being restored is having the exterior body of the car restored. This means patching up any holes in the vehicle and restoring the paint of it. Your local restoration shops in Granite City, IL can get your vehicle looking brand new.

The Interior of Your Classic Car

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Just as important as the outside of the car is the interior. Patching up any ripped or destroyed vinyl or cloth will give that older feeling you are looking for. There are many custom-made seat covers, headliners, and door panels you can buy to install in your vehicle that will give it an authentic look and feel. Be sure that when you have these things installed in your vehicle you inform the company working on your project where the wiring and fittings should go, otherwise it could cost you extra.

These are not the only parts of your classic car that can be restored. If you want to learn more about classic car restoration or need a restoration project done in Granite City, IL, give our team of experts over at Hotz Automotive a call today.

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