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Category Archives: Engines & Transmissions

Ready Your Vehicle for Sale with these Tips

Tips To Be A Successful Car Seller There comes a time when you’re just ready for a new vehicle. Whether you crave more speed, a classy interior, or just need a change; the first thing you have to do is figure out what you’re doing with your old car. Private car sales may yield a…
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Basic Guide to Vehicle Transmissions

Basic Guide to Vehicle Transmissions Vehicles require maintenance, including the dreaded transmission repair. Transmissions, one of the most complicated components, allow the driver to change gears and vary their speed. A failing transmission could mean big problems for your wallet. Also, it may cause extra wear and tear on other areas of your vehicle. Furthermore,…
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Preparing your Car for a Cross-Country Trip

Check these things before embarking on your next road trip! Warmer weather means spring break and, soon enough, summer vacations will be here, too! This is the perfect time for many to plan a road trip. Hop in the car with family or friends and make for the beach for some sun, fun, and plenty…
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5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Improve your Fuel Efficiency with these 5 Tips! With temperatures heating up more cars will be on the move again this summer and spring. However, with all those miles racked up, you might be wondering how you can save money behind the wheel. One way to save money on gas is to use less of…
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Fast Facts for Emissions Testing

Know the Facts about Emissions Testing! With an increased awareness of how much carbon vehicles give off, your vehicle could be subject to emissions testing before your next license plate renewal.  In fact, this fairly routine process is meant to ensure that all vehicles on the road comply with EPA standards for carbon emissions. Most…
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