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Check your Tires for Wear!

Warning Signs of Worn Tires When it comes to vehicle maintenance; tires are many times forgotten by their car owners until something goes wrong. Whether it’s tire pressure, sharp debris on the road, or just bad luck; tires should be checked routinely to ensure that you’re always safe to drive. It’s also important to know…
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Prepare your Car for Winter!

Winterize your vehicle, with help from your local auto shop! With winter still getting into full swing, it’s not too late to get your car in top condition for the cold months. Whether you make a long, daily commute or your car sits idle most of the time; the decrease in temperatures could spell some…
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Know when you need Auto Repair!

Listen for these Auto Repair Warning Signs! Owning a car is a major commitment that can wear on your time, money, and lifestyle. They require constant upkeep to get maximum value. With all the things that can go wrong, it’s important to find a local repair shop that can provide all the fixes you need to…
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Stay safe with Car Brake Repair from your local shop! With so much emphasis put on how well our cars run, it can be easy to forget about how well they stop. Many times failing brakes aren’t noticed until the last minute and, at that point, it could be too late. If your brakes fail…
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‘Tis the Season for Preventative Car Care!

Routine Maintenance to Keep You Safe this Winter! As the seasons change from fall to winter, car owner’s everywhere are doing routine maintenance to account for changing temperatures and other fluctuating weather conditions. But how does winter weather affect your car? The answer is; in many ways. Depending on the temperature, precipitation level, and more; you…
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Easy Auto Repairs

Simple auto repairs for you, or your local mechanic! Car’s are quite possibly one of the most prevalent personal belongings in our society. With Americans owning almost 2 cars per household, one would think that our population is fairly educated on vehicle maintenance. However, while almost everyone has one, not everyone knows how to fix…
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