Is Your Car Shaking in O’Fallon Il?

What Is Causing My Car to Shake in O’Fallon Il.

Is your car shaking like you this winter? Well, let’s investigate what might be causing this! As you’re driving you may notice your car isn’t running as smoothly as it was before, it may be a slight vibration, or something even more noticeable. What could be possibly causing your car to shake? Below we will go into detail on some possible reasons for this pesky problem.

noticing car shaking

Reasons you may experience car shaking:

  • Tires
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Brakes
  • Motor Mounts
  • Engine


Tires are a cause of shakiness, what can happen is when your tires become worn down, you experience uneven or even bald tires. The life of a car tire is short lived, so it’s always important to check them and make sure they are all aired up and ready to go.

Wheel Alignment

wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment is also a cause of shakiness. If your alignment seems to be off, it may be wearing down your tires, which can cause the shakes. You could also experience some vibrations around the steering wheel which can also cause your vehicle to shake.


Don’t forget that brakes can definitely cause your vehicle shakes. You can determine this by when you apply pressure to your brakes, and you feel the vibration more vividly. The parts in the braking system may be experiencing some issues that may cause your brakes to give you problems. Such as the rotors and calipers.


Damage to your axle can cause your car to shake. You can damage this part of your car by hitting curbs or potholes, anything that may give a lot of stress on the wheels. There are also joints on your axel which can cause shaking. If these joints happen to lose its protective covering it can get dirty or damaged and cause more shaking.

Motor Mounts

Motor Mounts are covered in rubber to help stop you from feeling the vibrations of the motor. Much like other parts of your car, these can become worn down and give your car the shakes while you drive.


Lastly, engines are also known for causing your car to shake. You can detect that it is your engine causing the vibration by the repetition of the shakes. They may come at odd times, or its not repetitive. May only happen once you reach a speed or maybe a while down the road. Usually these are sure signs to tell you when its time for your engine to get checked.

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