Common Car Noises & What They Mean In Belleville IL

Common Car Noises & What They Mean

Broken Car

If you are on the road and you start to hear an unusual noise, chances are there is something that is need of repairs inside your vehicle. You have two options, you can schedule an appointment to identify the problem or you can blare your music until you can’t hear the car noises anymore and hope you don’t break down. The choice is yours.

Here is a list of the most frequent abnormal vehicle noises:

Squealing Noise:

Tire squealing every time you turn the wheel is not a good sign. If you are not participating in street racing, your car should not be making that sound. If you hear your tires squealing, we recommend getting it serviced as soon as possible.

Thudding Noise:

If this is a noise you are hearing, the issue might be worse than it sounds. Your tires should never make this noise when hitting the pavement, and it might be connected to an alignment issue. If this is you, get your vehicle into the shop immediately. You will thank us later.

Humming Noise:

If you hear an unusual and loud humming as you drive, the tread on your tires might be un-even. Tires wear down but usually are uneven when there is an issue with your vehicle’s alignment, suspension, or other related issues. If this is you, we recommend getting it looked at by a professional and replacing those uneven tires.

Brake Pad

Rattling Noise:

Sounds like you have a brake pad issue. If you are hearing ANY noise specifically rattling every time you press or release the brake, then the friction of your brake pads might be over-working or not doing their job right.

Unusual car noises happen all the time, and often it might just be from wear and tear on the roads or your vehicle. If you are experiencing any of the above noises or are hearing others not listed, call your local auto-repair service team in Belleville, Illinois for quick and efficient service.

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