Your Car Battery and Charging System 101 In O’Fallon Illinois

The Battery Light

Testing a Car Battery's Charge

How much do you rely on your car to get you from point A to point B? Well, just as you do, your car relies a lot on your care. Your car requires proper care to function properly. If you are not watching out for it and issues that may appear your car may experience terrible damage. One important thing to keep an eye out for is the battery light. If this light ever comes on, do not ignore it. This is telling you that the car battery is low and you have limited time until the car gives out. It is important to assess this situation and call your local automotive to see what needs to be done. Sometimes you need to charge it and other times it may require a whole new battery. Regardless, it’s hard to determine these things by yourself, and you should always ask for help when its needed.

The Charging System

The Charging System is an important part of your vehicle. You can self-check this, however, to see if it is running properly. To do this check, simply start the engine. Starting the engine will make some of your indicator lights appear. They should disappear after a few seconds. If they do not or if they never appear it may mean that you are experiencing an issue with the charging system. Don’t worry so quickly though, there are always ways to fix these issues.

Causes and Repairs

Charging a Car Battery

So, what can cause your car battery and charging system to give out on you? Well, some causes may be a bad battery, bad alternator, bad voltage regulator, wiring problem, bad belt, or another thing that could be causing your battery to drain significantly.

There are multiple ways that you can fix these issues. A lot of the time, your best bet is to bring the car into Hotz Automotive in O’Fallon Illinois, and we can fix the issue for you! If your battery light comes on suddenly and you need to save it before it dies completely, some tips would be to turn off lights, radios, and the a/c to prevent any further damage.

There is not much that you can do yourself to fix the issue except to seek help before the problem gets any worse. Sometimes it can be a super simple fix and take no time at all. Don’t risk it.

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