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Air Conditioning 101 – Tips For O’Fallon IL Drivers

How It Works – A/C Tips For O’Fallon IL Drivers

How much do you know about your car’s air conditioning system? Your air conditioning system is rather simple once you get to know it. Here are some of the basics that all car owners should know about their a/c.

What is A/C? A/C is also known as air conditioning. This is the system in your car that takes cold air to grab the heat from the inside of your vehicle to then push it throughout the outside of your vehicle, which in simpler terms, is just recycling the air with the use of pressure. All this starts in the hood of the car and passes through the entire vehicle.

Air Conditioning Repair

What is also important to note about your A/C system is that it is sealed, which is a good thing! This in turn means that none of the cool air that powers this loop is ever lost! It just keeps getting recycled.

Here are some items that will be found in your A/C system:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Accumulator

Signs of an Issue with Your Car’s A/C

Air conditioning systems are not always 100%, problems with your A/C will occur, and that’s okay! Some problems you may be oblivious to, and others you will notice right away. Here are some signs of issues you may experience with your car’s air conditioning system, that way you will know for future reference.

One of the most easily noticeable signs may be there is no air coming out of your vents. This could mean there’s a small or bigger problem at hand. Sometimes all you need is a little extra refrigerant (cool air).

Broken A/C

Another issue that you may run into with your A/C is that the air that you were hoping would cool you down, is actually hot! Other signs of an issue to look out for may include, weird smells or noises, or water condensation on your dashboard or the car’s front floor.

Ways to Repair Your Air Conditioning

Now that we are aware of some problems that you may run into with your vehicle’s air conditioning, let’s educate ourselves on ways to fix them!

If you notice a strong, or very gross smell, the system may need to be flushed, as this could be a result of fungus. Nothing to be scared of, but once it has been identified, call a professional!

If you notice you’re not getting any airflow, don’t fret. Sometimes all you need is a small part to fix this issue! It’s always best to contact your local automotive so they can fix the issue before it becomes worse.

Leaks may also happen, as well as, collection of debris. Don’t be afraid to stop and assess the problem at hand. These are small tasks that can be fixed with the help of your O’Fallon Illinois, Hotzrodz Team!

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