A Seasonal Maintenance Checklist for Your Granite City, IL Vehicle

Most drivers in the Granite City, IL area tend to neglect a seasonal maintenance check on their vehicles. Usually, we wait till our car starts to make a noise, or an alert is displayed on the dashboards. This is not the best practice, as there could be ways to not only prevent things from going wrong but also a way to extend your vehicle’s overall life. Each season takes on a different challenge for your car, and we here at Hotz Auto are here to explain what each season does to your vehicle!

seasonal maintenance

Fall Seasonal Maintenance

Fall is a time, where the maintenance of your vehicle is usually at its best. There is no specific type of maintenance that you need to check in to. The transition from summer to fall is not as drastic as from winter to spring.  You may want to check on your vehicle’s air filters, however. Summers, especially in Granite City, IL can be dusty and humid. Replacing your air filters at the beginning of the fall season can help eliminate any congestion leftover from summer.

Winter Seasonal Maintenance

Winter is the season that can cause a ton of problems weather-wise and the same goes for your vehicle. The winter season brings with it cold weather, snow, and ice, especially if you live in the Granite City, IL area. These harsh elements damage your car, so when spring rolls around, you have some check-ups to do.

Brakes & Tires

Your vehicle’s brakes will require a check after the winter season. This is because your vehicle’s brakes play a crucial role in controlling your car.  The winter season causes roads to be slippery from snow and ice, so during the late fall or early winter, it is best that you get your brakes checked out. Worn-down brake pads are a common thing you run into post-winter. Do a quick check of your brakes to make sure your brake pads are good, and if they are not up to par, get them replaced.

seasonal maintenance

Tires are another part of your vehicle that you should check during the spring season. Winter is rough on tires, especially if they are not all-season or snow tires. Regular tires are not recommended to be driven in snow, as the cold weather and precipitation can damage them.  All-season tires survive winter just fine, however, there could be non-visible that you are unaware of. An example of what you can do in the spring to improve your tires includes, getting them rotated or checking your tire pressure. These small things can help your vehicle last in the long run.

If you are looking for seasonal maintenance and you live in the Granite City, IL area, stop on into Hotz Automotive today! Our expert technicians are here to help your vehicle look and stay its best no matter what season!

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