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Most Common Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light is On

It causes more anxiety than watching a good horror movie with the lights out. For some, it may seem like the worst thing that has ever happened to them--aside from realizing you haven't bought one Christmas gift yet and it's Christmas Eve morning.

What is this unnerving event that can send your heart and brain into a panic?

It's none other than the dreaded CHECK ENGINE LIGHT!

reasons for check engine light ofallon ilWhat does the check engine dashboard light mean and how can you get rid of it? First, if your check engine light comes on, do NOT panic. It's probably an easy-to-fix problem, from an ill-fitting gas cap to a cylinder misfire to a faulty oxygen sensor.

It might also indicate a more serious problem, like a malfunctioning catalytic convertor or transmission issues. You won't know what it means until one of our technicians at Hotz Auto in O'Fallon, IL hooks your car up to a diagnostic device. But don't worry--we'll be there to hold your hand through the entire process!

10 Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light is On

  1. Clogged fuel injectors
  2. Exhaust gas recirculation valve needs replaced
  3. Thermostat is malfunctioning
  4. Spark plugs/spark plug wires need replaced
  5. Something wrong with the mass air flow sensor
  6. Ignition coil problems
  7. Loose fuel cap needs replaced
  8. Catalytic converter (mostly affecting older vehicles)
  9. Faulty oxygen sensor(s)
  10. Vacuum hose damage

Fortunately, most of these check engine issues cost less than a couple hundred dollars to fix. But driving around with your check engine light glaring at you from your dashboard for too long can do further damage to your vehicle as well as to your budget. If your check engine light comes on, don't expect the worst. Just bring your vehicle in and we'll take care of you!

Auto Maintenance and Auto Repair Services in O'Fallon, IL

Treat the appearance of a check engine indicator like you would a health issue. Just because you feel OK but can't get rid of that nagging pain in your back doesn't mean you shouldn't visit your doctor. Although your vehicle might operate normally with the check engine light always on, that doesn't mean your car isn't "sick". As much as you dread doing it, we recommend bringing your car in to Hotz Automotive Service for a complete physical. We really don't want you to get stranded or pay for more costly repairs that could have easily been avoided.