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Does My Vehicle Need an Emissions Test?

emissions test fairview heights illinoisOwning a car can feel a lot like being a parent. After all, you're responsible for every aspect of a car's maintenance to ensure it maintains performance and lives to drive for many years to come. Vehicle emissions are one aspect of auto maintenance you can't afford to ignore. Learn when and why you may need to have this critical auto service done in Fairview Heights, IL.

Do I Need Emission Testing in Fairview Heights, IL?

emission testing fairview heights ilIn St. Clair County, emissions tests are required for gasoline-fueled vehicles that are more than four years old and made in the year 1996 or later. This is a state requirement; however, there are other reasons you may want to have a vehicle emissions testing performed as part of your routine auto maintenance. This auto service may reveal underlying issues with your vehicle, including:

  • Catalytic converter damage
  • Evaporative (EVAP) emission control system problems
  • Injector or oxygen sensor malfunctions
  • Faulty or worn spark plugs

When you're ready to have your vehicle inspected, choose an auto shop that can perform both an on-board diagnostics system check and an I/M 240 dynamometer test. Regular emissions testing helps preserve local air quality, reduce pollution, and protect the environment.

What if I Fail an Emissions Test?

vehicle emissions fairview heights illinoisIn compliance with state requirements, failing an emissions test means that you won't be able to legally drive your vehicle until the issues causing the failure are fixed. Nearly as important as your car's internal health. Failing an emissions test may mean you need an auto part repair or replacement. It could also mean you have issues that require multiple repairs.

Even if you're planning to have a state inspection performed at a local facility, regular emissions testing at your local auto shop can help catch any issues before they turn into major repairs. Ultimately, you'll save yourself the hassle and cost of significant vehicle repairs with routine testing.

Schedule a Vehicle Emissions Test Today

If you think your vehicle may need an emissions test, don't wait until a problem occurs or gets worse. Trust in Hotz Automotive Service expertise and caring technicians to inspect your vehicle. As a trusted auto shop in Fairview Heights, IL, we offer diagnostic exams and emissions testing on vehicles of all types. Contact us today to schedule your emissions test.