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FAQs About Oil Changes for O’Fallon, IL Vehicle Owners

FAQs about oil changes o'fallon illinoisKeeping up with your manufacturers' recommended oil change schedule for your car, van or light-duty truck is one of the best ways to keep your auto maintenance costs under control. Here are the answers to your most common questions about oil changes from our team of O'Fallon, IL auto service experts.

1) Why is an oil change so important?

Your motor oil works hard to keep all the moving pieces in your engine well-lubricated, which ensures your engine runs smoothly. Because your oil is subject to extreme temperatures, over time it starts to break down, increasing the risk that your engine will overheat, or worse yet, seize up altogether.

2) How often should I have my auto shop change my oil?

It's always best to follow the auto maintenance schedule listed in your owners' manual, as different engines have different auto service specifications. Generally speaking, you should have an oil change done either ever 3 months or 3,000 miles of driving, however, advances in semi-synthetic and full synthetic motor oil technologies mean you may be able to drive anywhere from 5,000 to 7,500 miles before having your oil changed.

3) Can I save money by just changing the oil and not the oil filter?

Installing a new oil filter with each oil change prolongs the life of your engine and makes the fresh oil last much longer. Leaving the old, used filter in place means you'll be introducing all the dirt and particulates the filter has captured into the new oil, causing contaminated oil to circulate throughout your engine.

4) I have an older vehicle - should I switch to a high-mileage oil?

Engines that have driven 75,000 or more miles are more likely to develop problems like leaky, dried-out gaskets — that's why some drivers prefer to use a high-mileage oil that is specially formulated for older vehicles. High-mileage oils contain seal conditioners that help prevent oil leaks as well as detergents designed to clear contaminants out of moving engine parts. On the other hand, high-mileage oil does cost more, so it's really a matter of personal preference.

changing your oil o'fallon illinois5) Why should I have my local O'Fallon, IL auto shop do my oil change?

As a fully licensed and bonded auto shop, our oil changes meet the requirements of your manufacturers' warranty at a price that's lower than you'll pay at the dealership. And not only will we save you money on your auto maintenance, but we're committed to delivering world-class customer service and expert advice you can count on at Hotz Automotive.