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Frequently Asked Question About Auto Body Restoration in Belleville Illinois

FAQs about Auto Body Restoration in Belleville Illinois

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While everyone who owns an automobile loves it, not everyone understands what needs to be done to maintain old cars. You may want to restore your car for personal reasons or to make money out of them. For this reason, you need to be aware of some things before you set up your car for auto body restoration. Here are a few questions our clients ask about auto body restoration.

Why Should I restore my old car?

You are still attached to your high school car and don't want to let go. Your high school car is not in good shape and so to ride in it, you have to make some changes. You may also want to pay tribute to the family car.

Will I get a warranty for the repairs?

Yes. We offer an unlimited warranty for the repairs in Belleville Illinois. The warranty covers your vehicle until you stop using it or sell it. Your car paint is also protected as long as you own the car.

How do I pay for the restoration services?auto body restoration belleville illinois

You can pay via cash, credit, and debit cards. We also accept cheques.

What Type of Auto Glass do you repair?

A crack or breakage of any window in your car will prevent you from keeping the weather out and obstruct your vision. We repair the windshield, black window, door glass, wing window for vehicles which have those, quarter glass, truck sliding glass, and sunroof/ moon roof.

Do you do classic car auto body restoration in Bend?

We can work on every car model you bring. Our services include making classic cars and customs. You can request for classic car restoration in Bend at any time through our website.

Is the restoration of classic cars different from modern cars?

The restoration of classic cars may be challenging because some parts may not be easily available or non-compatible with the current vehicle. A few auto body repairs done may be similar to modern vehicles, depending on the amount of restoration needed. Not all services are essential. We do classic car auto body restoration in Bend depending on the above factors.

Should I restore every old car I have?

This is entirely upon you. You can keep your inherited vehicles and maintain their good condition for years. You are however advised to have the car restored if it is in bad shape.

Which insurance companies do you work with?

We work with all insurance companies. You are allowed to choose any repair shop you want your car restored under state law in Belleville Illinois even in instances where your insurance company stipulates that you go to a specific shop.

Am I required to pay a Deductible?

The amount of your deductible is regulated by your insurance company. The policy will determine whether or not the deductible will apply. If you are required to pay the deductible, then you will pay it to us when you come for your car.