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O’Fallon Auto Care: Why Won’t My Car’s Air Conditioning Work?

Auto Air Conditioning: Common Reasons Why it's Not Working

Air conditioning is a lifesaver in many vehicles, but it is prone to breakdowns. Let's take a look at why your car's air conditioning won't work and how to fix it.

dirty air filters and auto air conditioning

Air filters

A dirty air filter is a very common reason why your air conditioning won't work. If the air filter is excessively dirty or clogged, air won't be able to get through and its effectiveness will essentially drop to none. By removing the air filter and cleaning out any signs of debris, you can quickly get it back up to speed and ready for use. Not only is this an effective fix, but it will also allow you to breathe clean air, which is very important for your physical health. If your vehicle has multiple air filters, make sure to remove all of them at once and inspect each one. Out of all the reasons why your vehicle's air conditioning is broken, air filters are the most common by far, so take a look here first.

auto evaporator coils and auto air conditioning problems

Evaporator coils

If the air is perpetually hot, check the evaporator coils and see whether they are iced over. If the evaporator coils are frozen, the air conditioning isn't cooling properly and the air will be warm until you fix this. Even if you don't address it right away, this sort of issue is not good for the auto cooling system and the vehicle as a whole. While it's easy to unfreeze your evaporator coils, there may also be loose connections that prevent it from remaining in place. Take a moment to inspect these connections and jiggle the evaporator coil if it seems to be shifting around.

radiators and auto air conditioners


A broken radiator is a surefire sign that your vehicle's air conditioning won't work. However, it is difficult to tell the source of the problem on your own, much less to completely fix this radiator and make it as good as new. It's in your best interest to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop such as Hotz Automotive in O'Fallon, IL. Their mechanics and professionals will be able to figure out the solution within minutes, and a full repair should only take a few hours. They will also be able to inspect the rest of your air conditioning system and notify you of any other areas that need replacement or care.