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15 Ways to Celebrate National Car Care Month in Belleville, IL

15 Car Care Tips for Belleville, IL Residents

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If you didn't know it, April is National Car Care Month. Celebrating NCCM at its core is about taking a time out to do routine maintenance while also keeping your baby out of the repair shop.

If you regularly do just a few things, you can keep your car going for tens of thousands of miles beyond what many would consider normal. You can also save money by avoiding costly repairs, and in the month of April, with a little looking, you can find parts and services for little or no cost to you. Join the celebration! Follow the tips below and keep your car happy.

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1. Check your fluids - increase the life your car by keeping it well lubricated.
2. Now is a great time to get an oil change and complete needed filter changes.
3. Check your battery voltage. Extreme weather changes will decrease the life of your battery.
4. Check your tire pressure. Don't be surprised if they're a bit lower than recommended. Your tires tend to lose 1-2 psi per month. Check your tires at the beginning or end of each month and also have a tire rotation performed every 5-7 thousand miles.
5. Have the alignment of your car checked twice a year. You save money at the pump when your wheels are properly aligned.
6. Check your headlights as the bulbs will begin to dim over time. Also if the lenses are foggy have them professionally restored and improve your night vision.
7. Change your wipers every six months to improve visibility.
8. Change both air filters twice a year. Keep dirt out of your engine while keeping the air inside smelling fresh.
9. Have your HVAC system inspected. Don't get caught on a hot day without a working air conditioner.
10. Give your car a quick was once a month. Keeping it clean will reduce dirt grime and chemical buildup and save your car from prematurely rusting, especially the undercarriage.
11. Start using a premium gasoline and forgo the cheap stuff. It cost a little more, but your fuel lines and the engine will thank you. Higher octane helps to prevent knocks and pings.
12. Flush your cooling system and change your fluid once a year and prevent corrosion and deposits from building up.
13. Visually check your hoses and belts. If you notice excessive wear have them changed immediately.
14. Have your brakes checked and serviced, if needed.
15. Finally, have your car tuned up once a year, this includes replacing spark plugs and worn hoses or belts if you haven't already.

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Commit to taking care of your car with these tips and your car will take care of you for thousands of miles to come. Talk to the experts at Hotz Automotive for more information and good motoring, Belleville!