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Comfort and Car Interiors

Which Car Interior is Best for Me?

As winter still ravages the Belleville, IL area, local residents are forced to re-evaluate how best to stay comfortable. Indoors, they consider whether they have enough blankets or not. In their vehicles, they re-ignite a classic debate – what’s the best auto upholstery for temperature and comfort? Like with most things, personal taste plays the largest factor in this discussion. However, there are large enough differences in the materials available that it should be easy for car owners to decide which is the best fit for them. Ultimately, when deciding between the options available, one should weigh the cost, style, ease of cleaning, and temperature comfort that each material brings to the table. As always, local drivers can consult the experts at Hotz Automotive Inc. for all of their automotive questions!


fabric upholstery

The most popular form of vehicle interior, nylon is also the least expensive. Additionally, it is a very durable and hard-wearing material. Because it is a woven fabric, it is harder to tear than other fabrics. However, being a porous material, nylon may hold on to dirt and stains more so than other materials. While mild detergent and water are all you need to clean nylon, the chance of staining is ever present. This risk may be worth it for some consumers, however, as nylon will help keep you warm in the winter while not soaking up the sun’s heat in the summer. In regards to temperature, nylon is the most moderate material you can have.


leather upholsteryMany consumers choose leather for its heightened style. Often, it is looked at as the most glamorous option one can choose, with its plush, rich finish. It also adds unique class to your vehicle, as no two leather seats will ever age quite the same. General cleaning of leather can be easier, as wiping up spills or other debris is quick and effortless. Long term care for leather can be trickier than other materials, however, as it may need specific cleaning agents. While it might not resist extreme temperatures like nylon does, many drivers circumvent this by opting for seat warmers with their leather interior. The main downside to leather has to be its higher cost. After all, luxury does come at a premium.


If you are tough on your vehicle’s interior, vinyl can be a fantastic choice. A damp towel is all you’ll ever need to clean vinyl seats of any dirt, debris, or liquid. Vinyl won’t stain like fabric surfaces, either. Also, it is much cheaper than leather, so it is often the go to choice for those who avoid fabric materials. The largest drawback to vinyl has to be its reaction to temperature. When in winter, it will be cold and in summer, it will be sizzling hot – especially if it is a darker color. Also, along with not being as classy as leather, it will not last like it either. While leather can stretch, vinyl cannot and will inevitably crack with age.