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What Does Your Warranty Cover?

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Know the Ins & Outs of Your Vehicle Warranty

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the car buying process. Additionally, it can be easy to overlook important aspects that ensure you’re not getting a raw deal from the dealership.  One such example would be the vehicle warranty; these can be extremely complex and difficult to understand, especially if it’s your first time. Here are some common facts and terms you’ll want to know for the next time you go car shopping.

What Do These Words Mean—Limited, Extended, Etc.?

It’s likely that your vehicle warranty includes a few words that may be puzzling to you. First, bumper-to-bumper warranties tend to be shorter and, typically, only cover defected parts and components. Powertrain warranties may last a bit longer and only cover parts that contribute to the motion of the vehicle; this includes engine, transmission, etc. An extended warranty lasts a longer period of time, and it may also cover things not usually included in a new vehicle warranty. Finally, the word “limited,” in a warranty title, indicates that not all parts of the vehicle are covered.

Who Pays For It?

Thankfully, new vehicles include the warranty in the purchase price. Furthermore, some warranties covered used vehicles bought from a certified dealer, depending on the vehicle and the dealer. Additionally, tires are typically not covered under any dealer warranty, and the price of that will be included by the tire dealer when you purchase new ones.

Who Does the Repairs?

This is where things may get tricky. You may have to consult your warranty information to find the specific answer. Most warranties allow you to schedule routine maintenance and repairs at any auto shop you choose. However, the manufacturer won't pay for repairs they can prove you did incorrectly. While you should be sure to stick to the manufacturer’s schedule maintenance recommendations, feel free to have your vehicle service wherever you choose. Take it to your local, professional mechanic for the quality and lasting repairs you need.

Where Do I Find More Details?

The car owner’s manuals should have all the warranty information you need. Having trouble deciphering it? A quick Google search should reveal the meanings of any unknown terms, and you can always call the manufacturer to answer your questions directly—the number should e included with your warranty info!