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New Automotive Technologies

Check Out These Advancements in Auto Tech

When the automobile was made affordable a widespread in the early 20th century, people’s minds were blown. The ability to move freely over longer distances at faster speeds completely changed the way we do things in America. Now, over 100 years later, cars continue to amaze us as we’re always making progressions and jumps forward in our tech. Here’s some of the top new auto tech making waves in our world, today.

Self-Driving Cars

While not yet widespread, self-driving cars are the next thing in automotive technology. From taxi cabs to personal vehicles, cars that are connected to the cloud will rule the road; giving all of us some extra time to relax on the way there. While there are only in use in certain places, the demand and interest mean that self-driving cars are probably coming to your neck of the woods sooner rather than later.

Semi-Automatic Transmissions

No longer must we make a choice between a manual and automatic transmission. Semi-auto transmissions have arrived and their allowing drivers more freedom behind the wheel. These electronically controlled components seamlessly switch between auto and manual mode, which allows people to drive as they please.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are another more recent example of auto tech. While many vehicle manufacturers have an electric vehicle on their product line, developers have run into issues that include long charging times, short drive times, and more. However, the environmental benefits of these machines are too great to discard the technology for a few fixable problems.

Alternative Fuels

No longer must we stick to unleaded gasoline to get where we need to go. While gasoline is still the king as far as powering vehicles goes, other types of fuel are grabbing a part of that market. Bio-diesel, ethanol, and battery power are the top new fuel sources. However other fuel sources include hydrogen, methanol, and others.

Hands-Free Auto Tech

Finally, let’s talk about hands-free technology. Thanks to Bluetooth, and a host of connections and ports being built into dashboards, people can now converse while keeping both hands on the wheel. However, it doesn’t stop there music, air conditioning, and more have all become easier and safer to use while driving!