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What’s That Thing Run On?

The Future has Brought More and More Fuel Types

While gasoline has remained king in the automobile world for decades, many would be surprised to hear the number of fuel types available today. Modern times have brought the technology to turn many different things into fuel sources. From corn to the sun; different fuel types turn up with great regularity. However, what are they, and what are they made of. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different fuel sources used to power vehicles today.


This powers the large majority of vehicles on the road. Manufactured by distilling crude oil that’s been taken from the ground, it powers every type of vehicle from cars and trucks to remote control cars, watercraft, and more.


Diesel undergoes much of the same process as gasoline, but it emits fewer greenhouse gases. Furthermore, diesel engines typically power larger trucks, semi-trucks, and other large transport vehicles.


This fuel type has become increasingly common in place of traditional diesel fuels. Consisting of vegetable oil, methanol, and lye this is a replacement for diesel, but not gasoline.


This is one of the older alternative fuels on the market, appearing at many gas pumps. Additionally, regular unleaded gasoline even contains some level of ethanol. ethanol consists of corn stalks and other plants.


Another alcohol based fuel, this simple fuel is made from fermented wood. Unfortunately, methanol is toxic and could potentially get into a water source. Also, you won’t find it at any gas stations.