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Stay Safe While You’re Stranded

Use These Tips to Avoid Trouble During a Breakdownbreakdown belleville il

A vehicle breakdown always seems to happen at the worst possible moment. Whether you’re rushing around during your busy day or just trying to get home at the end of it, it’s never welcome when the hood starts to smoke, and your vehicle loses power. However, some may not know what to do after that. Luckily, you won’t be stranded for long if you follow some simple steps. Take these helpful tips into account during your next breakdown to stay safe and get your vehicle back to normal, fast!

Pull Over

Be sure to pull over to the right-hand shoulder or nearest parking space immediately. You don’t want to become stranded in the middle of the road, which is, both, unsafe for you and a hazard for other drivers. Additionally, it makes you and your vehicle more accessible for towing or emergency vehicles.

Signal Trouble

After you’ve pulled your vehicle over to the side of the road, you’ll want to signal to other drivers that you’re having a problem. This could attract the help you need, or at the very least, will alert other drivers to be cautious as they pass. Signal for trouble by activating the flashing hazard lights.

Call for Help

Whether you decide to stay in or out of the vehicle, use your cell phone to call for help. Most insurers include roadside assistance services to get you towing help as quickly as possible. If you don’t have a cell phone, you’ll have to track down the nearest phone. Locate a nearby building that can be reached in the safest manner or wait for help from passersby.

Stay Safe

Above all else, keep your own safety in mind throughout the process. Keep yourself in a visible location where you aren’t likely to be hit by traffic.

Get Your Car Fixed

The last step is to find a local mechanic that you can count on for fast repairs.  The neighborhood auto shop should have the skilled technicians to get your vehicle back up and running, and they can usually make a pretty good deal on prices for parts.