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Reasons to Go Local for Your Repairs

Trust a Local Mechanic to Keep Your Vehicle in Tip-Top Shape

Doesn’t it seem like your car is always breaking down at the worst possible time? You think, “But, how will they fit me in at the dealership on such short notice?” Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until your dealer can work you in for the repairs. Trust your local mechanic for the repairs you need and enjoy some benefits, as well. While I’m sure the dealership takes every opportunity to make it seem like you can only have repairs done there, this is mostly not the case. Warranty fixes, yes, should be handled by the dealership or a manufacturer-approved shop. However, if your vehicle is no longer under warranty or the fix falls outside of the warranty, your local mechanic will know just how to get your car back on the road, fast. Here are some reasons that people choose local mechanics over busy dealerships!


One benefit of taking your car to the local mechanic is the convenience. Many times, the dealership where we find the best deal on a car may not be right around the corner. With the high price of buying a vehicle, most shop where why can get the lowest price. However, that also means you’ll be driving a couple of hours, round trip, for simple repairs. Call the local guy, and keep your driving to a minimum when dropping your car off for service!


There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to repairs for your vehicle. When visiting the dealership, you typically won’t know who is working on your vehicle or how long the service may take. At the local shop, you’ll know the few people working there, and you’ll have a good idea for about how long it will take. At the dealership, you may have to wait until they can call you.


Also, there’s a level of trust when working with a local mechanic, which just isn’t there when you bring your vehicle to a dealership. You trust that the repairs will be quality and the customer service, superior. Additionally, this level of trust allows you to be confident in your vehicle’s repairs.


Everyone’s done it. You’ve taken the car in with the goal of making it to work as quick as you can, only to be sitting in the waiting section until early afternoon. At your local auto repair shop, you should enjoy easier communication with the person working on your vehicle. Additionally, independent mechanics work with a lower volume of vehicles, leaving plenty of time to squeeze your repairs in and get you on your way!


It’s not a guarantee that you’ll pay less at a local shop than at a dealership. However, independent auto technicians have more say in what they’ll charge for which services. Developing a great relationship with your mechanic could score you a great deal on expensive repairs.