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Car Recall Facts

Things to Know for Your Vehicle Recall!

auto recall

When a manufacturing defect or flaw is found in the production process of a popular vehicle, the affects are wide-ranging. However, many times these things go unnoticed by vehicle owners. Stay informed, or you may be signing yourself up for a world of hurt; whether that be physical injury or hefty repair costs.  Make sure you stay up to date, and take these facts and notes about recalls into account when dealing with your own vehicle recall.

Keep the following in mind for your vehicle recall:

  • During a car recall, manufacturers use current DMV and dealer information to send letters to the affected persons.
  • After receiving the letter, the owner of the car must schedule the necessary services.
  • While you aren’t required to have the repairs done, it’s always in your best interest. Recall repairs ensure the safety of your vehicle
  • The defect won’t affect all vehicles, however, there is no way of knowing which ones will malfunction; get the repairs done.
  • Your Recall Letter should include a summary of the defect and the risks posed by it, warning signs to look out for, the solution, and instructions on getting your vehicle fixed.
  • All dealerships that sell that specific brand are required to do the repairs at no cost to the driver.
  • Additionally, if you’ve had the repairs done before the vehicle was recalled, you’re entitled to reimbursement for the cost of the repairs.
  • Not getting repairs done could cost you in court if the defect was the cause of any injury or property damage.
  • You may not get your notice, any mistake in DMV or dealer information could cause you to miss a recall notice. Make sure your information is updated with a current address.
  • In addition to updating your information, use your VIN# to search databases that list all recalls, like this one.