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Vehicle Body Type Guide

Out of all the Types of Cars, which Fits You?

In America, we love our cars. Buying them, selling them, customizing them, etc.; people make cars their passion. However, others find themselves more confused; especially at the prospect of purchasing their first vehicle. They become overwhelmed by all the types of cars and just don’t know where to start. However, the best place to start is to make a list of your needs and make sure that the models you look at check off all the boxes on your list. Check out this guide to the different types of cars and make an informed decision on your first automobile purchase!


Traditionally a 4-door vehicle, sedans are a versatile body type that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and handle everything from trips to soccer practice to trips across the country. Furthermore, these are usually some of the more fuel-efficient models you’ll find.


Usually the sporty version of the sedan, a coupe typically features two less doors and less interior space than the sedan. These vehicles are better for people who spend more time alone in their vehicles than those that haul kids and their friends all over town.


To some degree, everyone can imagine themselves cruising along in their very own candy-red convertible. Driving with the top down makes one feel free and alive. This romanticized ideal draws many buyers in; however, limited space may be a problem for larger families.


A crossover vehicle will act like a car and look like an SUV. Built on the frame of a sedan, manufacturers incorporate increased ground clearance, storage, and interior space to provide a comfy and secure ride that many enjoy.


The traditional SUV has a sporty ride that’s ready to tackle the open road or backwoods trails. Available in small, mid-size, and large sizes, these vehicles sport increased storage space; making them perfect for the adventurer-type


The modern symbol of the American family, minivans come equipped with everything you could need to safely and happily transport your family and friends all over town, or all over the country.

Full-Size Van

Full-size vans don’t get good gas mileage. However, they are effective at transporting people over long distances. With available entertainment options, this could have you traveling-in-style. Also, swap entertainment for shelves and drawers to transform this vehicle into a highly operational work van.

Small Pickup Truck

Do some light hauling, but don’t have the need for a full-size pickup? That’s what small pickups are for. Featuring a smaller body, bed, and less towing capacity these vehicles offer a lot of utility in a small package.

Full-Size Pickup Truck

From contractors to coaches and more; these are another favorite of car owner’s. They offer towing, payload, and power underneath the hood. You’ll just have to decide if you like being asked to help your friends move.