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Retain more value for your Resale!

Use these tips to stave off car depreciation!

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It’s a widely known fact that newly-purchased vehicles lose about 20% of their value in the first year. In fact, car depreciation starts the second you drive your brand new automobile off of the lot. Furthermore, a car isn’t like a home; you can’t make simple improvements to raise the resale value. However, there are some things you can do to help hold the value of your vehicle, and make your car more attractive to buyers that are looking for used vehicles. Be sure to pay attention to this list of things that could help you retain car value when you finally decide to sell!

Keep your Car Clean

Part of car depreciation is the overall condition of the vehicle; inside and out. Routinely dust, clean, and tidy up on the inside of your vehicle to keep the interior in tip-top shape. Additionally, limiting food, drinks, and other trash-causing activities makes it easier to free your car of dirt and debris!

Keep up with Routine Maintenance

Another way to avoid depreciation is to stay on top of routine service. Changing and rotating tires, switching out oil and oil filters, etc.; the more you stay on top of these things, the less you’ll see the effects when you want to resell.  Neglecting to change the oil on a regular schedule could cause extra engine wear that prompts repairs and lowers your value!

Fix the Damage, Fast

If your vehicle does have repairs to be made, get them done right away. Period. Waiting to get major auto repairs down causes wear on all other parts of your vehicle, which could lead to even more repairs and more car depreciation.

Look for Essential Features

Get features that people want. Whether it be Bluetooth audio, a sunroof, or premium interior, it can pay dividends to get features that play well on used vehicle websites. Anyone looking for a new vehicle wants the most value. Premium features at a used price; that’s a no-brainer!

Trust a Professional

The key to all of these tips is trusting a local professional that offers quality auto repairs. It may be tempting to do your own repairs, but professional help will ensure you avoid extra repairs due to oversight of an amateur mechanic.