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Do Self-Oil Changes really pay for Themselves?

oil changes belleville ilConsider these things about Oil Changes!

As car owners, routine maintenance is a recurring part of life. Whether it’s oil changes, tire rotations, etc., one thing is certain; it never stops. Many take advantage of professional mechanics to ensure the job gets done right. However, some claim that easy jobs, such as oil changes, should be done DIY-style to save money and time. But, is this the whole story? When is it better to have a professional perform routine maintenance? Here are 5 aspects to consider about oil changes before you make the decision to DIY or send out for service.


Oil changes are relatively inexpensive no matter where you have them done. A professional change will run you between $25 and $50, depending on coupons and deals. While a DIY job falls in the same range, those that claim savings report a range of $5 to $15.


Another aspect of your oil change to consider is the equipment. In addition to new oil and the filter, you’ll need a car jack, jack stands, oil pan, tools, and more to complete the job. Do you have these things? Would you like to buy them? Those are the questions you may need to answer.


While this may be a relatively quick fix regardless of where you get it done, a DIY job allows for the ultimate flexibility. You don’t have to wait in line or go through transactional nonsense; just complete the job when you find free time. For those of us short on free time, you can still get a quick oil change by talking to a local professional; they’ll help you schedule a time that’s most convenient for you!


You may have the tools and time to get the job done, but do you have the space? A normal sized garage should suffice, but those living in apartments or condos may not have the space to complete the job. Thank goodness your local mechanic has the space needed to service your ride!


This is something you’ll really only gain by having a local mechanic do your oil change. While quick-lube places are perfectly respectable, you may want to think about and independently owned shop with a great reputation. They do a fast, efficient job and have the eye to spot any other issues that could cause problems down the road!