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Watch the Weather on the Roads this Spring

driver safety belleville ilPay Attention to these Driver Safety Tips for Unpredictable Spring Weather

Spring can be one of the prettiest times of the year. The combination of blooming flowers and trees with delightful spring weather is enjoyed by people all over. However, this season can also prove to be unpredictable. From nasty spring storms that bring high winds and hail to the extreme cold that carries over from the winter; the weather can have a serious effect on your vehicle. Make sure to check out these driver safety tips when you can’t be sure what the weather will look like tomorrow!


Rainy weather is what you’re most likely to encounter this time of year. Drivers should use caution and reduce speeds to account for increased stopping time and low visibility. Furthermore, you may want to pull over and stop completely if the storm is raging too hard. Remember; the roads are slickest right after the rain begins due to oil and other slick substances on the road.


While the weather should be warming up, it’s not uncommon – at all – for the snow to arrive in the early spring months; especially in the Midwest. These create slick conditions for drivers and pose threats from lack of traction. Also, the road salt used to treat slick roads can wreak havoc on your paint job; wash it off as soon as possible!


Along with the driving rain and high-speed winds of spring storms, comes the possibility of hail. These frozen balls of ice can range in size from penny-sized to softball-sized and can be extremely dangerous for cars and their drivers. It’s best to avoid driving if there’s possible hail in the forecast and call your insurance company immediately for a damage quote after your car has been hit hard!


When it comes to driver safety, fog poses a serious threat. During foggy conditions, it’s best to use low-beam headlights. High-beams reflect in the water droplets that comprise the fog; making it even more difficult to see. Additionally, reduce speed as low visibility can lead to accidents!