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5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Improve your Fuel Efficiency with these 5 Tips!

With temperatures heating up more cars will be on the move again this summer and spring. However, with all those miles racked up, you might be wondering how you can save money behind the wheel. One way to save money on gas is to use less of it. Increasing your fuel efficiency means you’ll go further with less gas and save a little money along the way, too. However, increasing your fuel efficiency doesn’t have to be a hugely difficult process. There are simple things you can do that help you save on gas. Check out our list of fuel-saving tips!

Ease-Up on the Gas
One way to save some much-needed fuel is to be careful with the accelerator. This means no taking off like you’re Dale Earnhardt in the Indy 500. The fastest you accelerate, the more fuel is used to get your vehicle up to speed. Since you aren’t racing for the NASCAR Championship, you should have no problem easing up at stop lights to ensure you save a little fuel.

Mind your Tire Pressure
This is a simple detail that could cost you money at the pump. All vehicles come with manufacturer recommendations for tire pressure. Letting this pressure fall below the recommended level will make your engine work harder and, thus, use more fuel.

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance
Another way to ensure you’re doing your best when it comes to fuel economy is to ensure your engine is properly cared for. Keeping up with routine maintenance such as oil changes, filter changes, and engine tune-ups will keep your engine running at optimum levels and give you the best fuel efficiency.

Cut the Engine at Red Lights
One relatively easy way to save on gas is to cut the engine when you’re at a red light. If the car isn’t using gas, you aren’t wasting it. Be sure to mind traffic, however, so you can turn the car back on by the time you need to move.

Clean the Junk out of your Vehicle
Finally, clean the junk out of your car to lighten the load on your engine. Whether you sometimes live out of the backseat of your vehicle, or you carry around your returns for an entire week; any extra weight makes your engine work harder and uses more gas. Clean the car out to lighten the load and save on fuel!