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Fast Facts for Emissions Testing

Know the Facts about Emissions Testing!emissions testing belleville il

With an increased awareness of how much carbon vehicles give off, your vehicle could be subject to emissions testing before your next license plate renewal.  In fact, this fairly routine process is meant to ensure that all vehicles on the road comply with EPA standards for carbon emissions. Most vehicles pass with flying colors, but at some point, the EPA tests all vehicles to maintain proper standards. Check out this list of quick facts for EPA emissions testing, and know when it’s time to get your car tested!

EPA Emissions Testing Quick Facts:

  • In the State of Illinois, vehicles must pass emissions testing before completing a license plate renewal!
  • Your vehicle does not have to be tested until an official notice is received in the mail. This includes details about testing locations.
  • Passengers vehicles that are the model year 1996 and newer must start inspections after turning 4 model years old, and inspections must be renewed every 2 years.
  • Heavy-duty trucks that are the model year 2007 and newer must adhere to the same guidelines as passenger vehicles.
  • Emissions testing not required for the following vehicles:
    • vehicles model year 1967 and older
    • vehicles models year 1995 and older if compliant with EPA standards
    • electric vehicles
    • diesel-powered vehicles
    • motorcycles
    • antique vehicles
    • custom vehicles
    • hot rods
    • farm vehicles and equipment
    • parade vehicles
    • vehicles operated for sports activities (i.e. Zamboni, pace car)
    • government-owned vehicles
    • vehicles registered in another state.
  • Vehicles that fail emissions testing are subject to retesting after repairs.
  • The emissions inspector will offer specific information on how to repair and retest your vehicle.
  • EPA-approved shops must complete repairs to ensure proper repairs.

Testing for emissions is an important part of owning a vehicle. Furthermore, neglect of a proper emissions test could bring a fine or inability to renew your license plates. Pay attention to the yellow notice sent in the mail, and find your local emissions testing station here!