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Check these Fluids for a Well-Oiled Machine

fluid changes belleville ilFluid Changes to keep your Vehicle Going

Car owners out there know how much work it is to keep your vehicle running well all of the time. When it comes to routine maintenance, any slippage in the regular routine could spell a series of problems for your car that could cost thousands to repair. One of the easiest parts of maintaining a vehicle is checking the fluids to ensure optimal levels. This will keep you vehicle well lubricated and increase it’s overall lifespan. Check out this list of the top fluids that need to be check and refilled to ensure maximum performance


This one should seem obvious, however many owners let their vehicles go past the recommended mileage before changing the oil. Adhere to the vehicle’s specific guidelines and regularly check oil to reduce sludge and engine wear and increase performance!


Coolant is another fluid that you’ll want to be aware of when performing routine maintenance. This stuff keeps the engine cool. This helps the engine run at optimal levels while avoiding problems of overheating.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering is a modern feature that may drivers take advantage of. However, you’ll know exactly how much you missed it when you forget to check your power steering fluid and something goes wrong on the road. If you’re losing fluids, something is wrong; get it checked for leaks!

Brake Fluid

Keep an eye on the brake fluid to keep yourself safe on the road. The level of this might drop of your brake pads are becoming worn; making it a great reference point for monitoring the existing life of your brakes.

Transmission Fluid

One of the most expensive repairs you can have to make to a vehicle, is a transmission repair. Regularly checking the level and condition of your transmission fluid could alert you to any problems and save you from costly repairs. Notify a professional if you smell burnt or discolored fluids!