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Be Prepared with the Right Items for your Car this Winter

cold weather car kitMake sure your Cold Weather Car Kit is always Handy!

Given the unpredictability of winter weather, it’s nice to have a cold weather car kit stuffed with everything you need for an emergency during nasty winter weather. From flat tires and car breakdowns to dead batteries and more; you’ll be glad you’re prepared. Take a look at our list, and then make your own cold weather car kit to ensure you and your passengers stay safe when you're on the roads this winter season!


Extra bottled water and non-perishable snacks like nuts or dried fruit keep your energy up during an emergency.


Just in case you’re stuck somewhere over night; you’ll want something to keep warm if it’s cold outside!


All cold weather car kits should have a bottle of tire repair spray for a quick fix, so you can reach a repair shop!

Portable Phone Charger

Packing a portable phone charger with a full charge could be a lifesaver if you’re stuck for too long.

Jumper Cables

Don’t rely on passerby to supply the jumper cables; stay prepared in case your battery goes dead!

Ice Scraper & De-Icer

An Ice Scraper with a brush is a must for nasty, winter weather.  A bottle of de-icer can clear windows fast in an emergency!


Another helpful item if you’re stranded for longer than expected; a flashlight and batteries could light the way to the help that you need!


We hope nobody gets hurt during your next emergency, but just in case, keep a first-aid-kit handy for cuts, scrapes,bruises, and more!

Road Flares

These are a must, especially for those heading to remote locations. Use them to signal help!

Fire Extinguisher

While this doesn’t necessarily have any connection to the cold, a fire extinguisher is a great addition to any emergency kit!