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Threats to your Car’s Paint

auto paint belleville ilKeep Auto Paint Pristine. Watch out for these Dangers to your Car’s Coat!

As the winter rolls on, keeping up the maintenance of your auto paint is pivotal to keeping your car looking the best throughout the year. Various factors can cause blemishes and wear to your paint job. Don’t just sit by while you watch that ruby red fade to a pale pink. Be sure to watch out for these threats to your car’s coat of pain, and trust all your repairs to a local professional that has a reputation for excellent service!

Snow & Ice

These staples of winter weather can cause more than one issue for the exterior of your vehicle. Whether you’re brushing off a pile of snow or chipping off a layer of ice, it’s wise to be extremely careful when getting your vehicle ready to drive after a winter storm. Car tools that remove snow and ice can have rough bristles or sharp edges that can scratch your paint and cause hundreds in repairs!

Road Salt

However, the tools used to remove snow and ice aren’t the only threats to your vehicle’s healthy coat of paint this winter. Road salt that melts snow and ice can have adverse effects on your auto paint. It can build up and cause rust to weak spots in your car’s paint. Be sure to wash thoroughly after all winter weather to rid your vehicle of harmful salt.

Bird Droppings

Another reason to be mindful of your car’s paint comes from above. Droppings from birds are acidic and can eat away at the paint on your vehicle. While it won’t happen right away, you’ll want to get your car cleaned off as quickly as possible after receiving an avian gift on your hood. This can be a nuisance, especially in cold winter temps, but it’s completely necessary to keep your car shining!


Many don’t realize just how harmful a routine trip to the gas station can be to your paint. Consider the area immediately around your fuel tank, and be careful not to splash when refueling. Drips of gasoline can cause damage to your paint that may need professional touchups if you’re not careful.