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Tire Pressure Rules to Live By

inflate tires belleville ilUse these Guidelines to Maintain Proper Tire Pressure this Winter!

When it comes to winter car care, there are few things more important than proper tire pressure. Many car owners take this aspect of maintenance for granted, however maintaining a consistent tire pressure throughout the year can spell serious benefits for your vehicle. Furthermore, neglecting proper inflation could lead to some bad situations. Luckily, tire inflation is also one of the easiest parts of car care. Here are a few rules to live by when it comes to inflating (or deflating) your tires:

Tire Pressure Fluctuates with Varying Temperatures

As a general rule, tire pressure will drop by 1-2 psi for every 10˚F drop in temp. Most manufacturers suggest inflating tires by 3 – 5 psi higher to account for pressure loss in the cold months. Simply inflating tires can solve many of your winter tire problems.

Check your Pressure in the Morning

Another good rule to follow is to check tires in the morning. This allows for the most
accurate reading because tires will be “cold” – meaning unaffected by temperature changes of driving, the sun, and more.

Inflate Tires to Proper PSI

When inflating tires, go off the recommendation of the manufacturer; located on a sticker on the door frame. This reading is supposed to give the most comfortable ride based on your specific vehicle; be sure to mind these numbers.

Check Tires Often

Be sure to check your tires often to ensure they’re always at peak levels. It may be difficult to forget about your tires because they may not show symptoms of being underinflated. However, chronically underinflated tires can lead you to pay more in gas, frequent tire replacements, and more!

Get an Accurate Reading and don’t “Eyeball” It

One of the worst things you can do for your tires is try to “eyeball” the tire pressure. Tires can look completely fine but still be underinflated and a hazard to you and other drivers. Acquire a quality tire gauge and adhere to proper tire safety guidelines to ensure the health and longevity of your tires and passengers!