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Check your Tires for Wear!

tires belleville ilWarning Signs of Worn Tires

When it comes to vehicle maintenance; tires are many times forgotten by their car owners until something goes wrong. Whether it’s tire pressure, sharp debris on the road, or just bad luck; tires should be checked routinely to ensure that you’re always safe to drive. It’s also important to know typical warning signs of tire wear, so you can be sure to get them replaced and stay safe on the road. Be sure to inspect these aspects of your tires if it’s been awhile since your last replacement:

Check the Tread Wear of your Tires

This is the easiest place to look if you want to know the shape that your car's shoes are in. When the tread of your tires falls below 1/16 of an inch, you’re in need of serious replacement. Use the penny test to figure out your tread wear, and find a local shop for replacements!

Look Out for Tire Deformation

Another way to keep track of how your tires are doing is inspecting them routinely for deformations. Bulges, cracks, and other misshapen properties may not be dangerous now, but driving on them can cause further deformation and even a flat; get the fixed before something happens to you!

Are you Picking up Weird Vibrations?

One way to inspect your tires without looking at them is to drive on them. If you hear vibrations or a thumping sound, this is a major sign that something is wrong. Bring your car to your local tire shop for inspection and repairs!

Incorrect Tire Pressure can cause Problems

Keep track of your tire pressure if you want your latest set to last as long as they can. Each set has their own parameters for proper inflation; adhere to this figure and frequently check pressure. Improper tire pressure can cause a range of issues including decreasing fuel economy!

Awkward Tire Alignment got you veering off the path?

Another problem could be the way your tire set is aligned. If you notice unusual wear such as tires that are only worn on the outside or inside of the tire, your alignment is off. This is an easy-enough fix, but you may need to replace some tires if the wear is extreme. Make sure you trust a professional for this job!