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Prepare your Car for Winter!

Winterize your vehicle, with help from your local auto shop!

With winter still getting into full swing, it’s not too late to get your car in top condition for the cold months. Whether you make a long, daily commute or your car sits idle most of the time; the decrease in temperatures could spell some issues for any vehicle. Luckily, this is nothing the experts at your local auto shop can’t fix. Get in touch with your neighborhood professional, and keep your car from falling victim to the frigid winter weather!

Here are ten places you can look for cold weather damage in your vehicle:


While vehicles that are kept in a garage may not have battery issues; those without access to a garage run the risk of letting the cold drain voltage from your battery.

Thickening Fluidsroutine maintenance belleville il

At low temperatures, fluids that help your car run tend to thicken. In order for the vehicle to run properly, fluids should quickly and easily. Have your local auto shop check and change fluids to prevent this!


Tires are another component that cold weather can affect. As temperatures drop, so does tire pressure. Underinflated tires make dangerous road conditions even more so; be sure to do a thorough inspection of your tires!

Windshield Wipers

Freezing temperatures, ice, and other winter weather can cause failure of wiper blades. Ensure yours are up to par, and always be sure to have windshield de-icer and an ice scraper handy!

Spark Plugsspark plugs belleville il

Keep an eye on your spark plugs. Frozen spark plugs can fail, and leave you without a running vehicle when you need it most! Stop by your local auto shop for backup spark plugs.

Fluid Leaks

Cold weather has a tendency to crack the components of vehicles like fuel lines, transmissions, and more. Flush all fluids and check systems as the season changes!

Paint and Exterior

The frequent need for road salt throughout the winter may damage the exterior of your vehicle. Be sure that your car gets washed quickly after any snow or ice storm!


The paint isn’t the only part of your vehicle at risk. Road salt can corrode other parts of your vehicle like batteries, cables, clamps, and more. Water and baking soda remove corrosion.

Serpentine Beltauto shop belleville il

These belts only last a finite period of time, but the cold could push your worn belt over the edge. Check this frequently, and make the inexpensive replacement when you need it!

Weather related damage

Cold causes other hazards to be aware of, as well. Be sure to completely defrost windows before driving, pay attention to ice and slick spots on the road, and drive defensively to make up for other drivers that may not be so careful.