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Know when you need Auto Repair!

Listen for these Auto Repair Warning Signs!auto repair belleville il

Owning a car is a major commitment that can wear on your time, money, and lifestyle. They require constant upkeep to get maximum value. With all the things that can go wrong, it’s important to find a local repair shop that can provide all the fixes you need to keep your car on the road longer.  Local auto repair shops can be a huge benefit when your car starts make unusual noises. They have access to all the parts you need, and there is usually one right around the corner. Shops like Hotz Automotive Service in Belleville, Illinois provide these services in the Metro-East area. They can run full diagnostics on any vehicle and fix problems fast.

These sounds should prompt a call to your local auto repair shop:

Tire Thumping

If you hear your tires thumping while you drive, this could be an issue you need to take care of. Many times this is caused by a flat spot on the tire; mostly in cold temperatures. While this is not always an immediate danger, having new steel belted tires installed will ensure that it won’t happen again.

Leaking Sound Under the Hood

Does your engine make leaking sounds while your engine idles? If so, this could be a sign that you have a broken gasket. The gasses released by these can eat a whole in your engine, and leak into the cabin; which isn’t good for you. While the gasket may be intact after a check, leaking sounds are never good. Get a complete inspection ASAP!

Ticking or Tapping under the Car

Ticking underneath your car while driving, is another warning sign to look out for. If you hear this, your U-Joints may be lacking lubrication or be about to break. The U-joint allows the axles to move up and down while you drive, and broken parts can cause serious strain on the other parts of your vehicle. Have them replaced, and make sure that the new ones are always well-lubricated.

Screeching While Driving

When you hear high-pitched screeching while driving your car, it could be a sign that a drive belt is loose or is weakening. A drive belt powers the other components under your hood like the alternator, air conditioner, etc.  If this is slipping on the pulleys, it could be ready to break; leaving your car unsafe to drive. Luckily, these are easy fixes, and most shops will do them for a low rate.

Grinding Metalbrake repair belleville il

The sound of grinding metal is one of the most common noises that people hear when they have car trouble. This, usually, just means that brakes are going bad and need to be replaced. Worn brake pads will increase the distance you need to stop and can be a serious hazard at intersections. Have a professional install brake pads that will keep you safe. Many shops even offer lifetime brake pad deals!