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Stay safe with Car Brake Repair from your local shop!

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With so much emphasis put on how well our cars run, it can be easy to forget about how well they stop. Many times failing brakes aren’t noticed until the last minute and, at that point, it could be too late. If your brakes fail you while you’re driving, you could end up with costly repair bills, or worse, expensive hospital bills. However, it is possible to save yourself from the hassle of an accident; get your brakes checked out and make sure they are in working order. There are also a few things you can listen and feel for while you’re driving to ensure everything is functioning properly. It’s also good to know a quality local repair shop when things like this happen, so you can get back on the road fast!

How do my brakes even work?

There are two different types of brakes that cars use. Disc brakes, prevalent in modern vehicles, involve a rotor that is attached to the hub of the wheel. When you press the brake pedal down, the brake pads push against the rotor causing the speed of your vehicle to decrease. While there are different components involved in drum brakes, they work in relatively the same fashion. Any repair shop should know how to repair a drum brake, as they are still common on many vehicles. While the disc brake is more popular, some cars use both systems; one in the front and the other in the back.

What’s that noise?car brake repair belleville il

That noise is probably a sign that you need car brake repair, or at the very least an inspection. There are many things that can go wrong with brakes. The nature of your braking system puts a lot of friction between the components, and they need to be replaced and maintained routinely to ensure the best functionality. If you hear screeching, grinding, or other noises when you brake; this is a sign that you have worn brake pads or warped rotors. Have these things checked out as soon as possible. Also, be aware of any leakage. Brakes still broken, even after they've been changed? You could be leaking brake fluid. This decreases function and can be very dangerous. Noises and leaks are just a couple things to look out for; if you experience anything else out of the ordinary its best to have it looked at.

Who can fix them?

Any full-service car brake repair shop like Hotz Automotive in Belleville, Illinois should have the skills necessary to complete any routine brake jobs. Local shops, right around the corner from your house, offer personalized service that large chain shops just can’t compete with. Most locally owned shops carry professional certifications from organizations like the ASE, and can provide the same level of quality repairs that a larger shop could.