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Easy Auto Repairs

Simple auto repairs for you, or your local mechanic!

Car’s are quite possibly one of the most prevalent personal belongings in our society. With Americans owning almost 2 cars per household, one would think that our population is fairly educated on vehicle maintenance. However, while almost everyone has one, not everyone knows how to fix one. Everyday, shops fill up with auto repairs that could be done at home. But, just because it can be fixed in your garage; doesn’t mean you should try. If you really aren’t experienced with vehicles, there’s no shame in calling a local mechanic, like the pros at Hotz, and saving yourself from repair costs down the road. Here are 5 common auto repairs that you may, or may not, want to try at home:

flat tire

Know how to change a flat tire?

For many the thought of a flat tire sends them spinning into a vortex of anxiety. How will I move my car, how long will it take, what do I do, are all questions that race through your mind. However many flats can be fixed rather easily, at least enough to get you home. Tire fixing products are available at gas stations, convenience stores, and anywhere else that offers auto supplies. Furthermore, look for a spare. Many cars come equipped with a spare tire, a jack, and instructions on how to change it.

Time for a routine Oil Change

While a late oil change usually won’t leave your car broken down on the side of the road, it’s important to keep up with routine maintenance. Oil changes are a job that can be done at home. The tools and materials needed are inexpensive to buy, and this could save you money on labor costs. However, this relatively simple job for you is extremely routine for your local mechanic, and can be done while you wait. Give them a call for expert help.

Find out how to change your battery!

Car won’t turn over, but the lights in your cabinet are still coming on? You may have dead battery. This job is a waste to take to a mechanic. If you’re positive this is the problem, easily locate the battery underneath the hood. A snap fastening makes the battery easily replaceable. If you aren't up to the task, fixes like these take a matter of minutes at a local repair shop or auto parts store.

Replace your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a tiny thing that can cause big problems in your vehicle. These are responsible for lighting the fuel that makes your car go. When just one of these isn’t working it can cause major damage under the hood. Furthermore, with all of them malfunctioning your car won’t even start. Some makes and models may require special tools that only a local shop would have. While this can be a quick fix, it can also get complicated depending on your engine set up; just call an expert to be safe.

What is a Serpentine Belt?

The serpentine belt under the hood of your vehicle runs things like your power steering, alternator, and water pump. These belts don't last forever, and the steering will stiffen when it goes out. Hearing the belt fray and crack means it's about time for a belt replacement. Engine diagrams make this fix possible at home, but talk with your local expert if you can't find one. It can be difficult, in some vehicles, to get the belt around all pulleys in the right order without a special tool. Take a look under the hood, and see what you can see. If you’re not sure, call the local shop for help.

auto service

Search for auto repairs in your local area!

There are many advantages to using a local shop over the chain repair places. First of all, you’re supporting your local community. Neighborhoods and small towns need the business of people right down the street to thrive and support them. Also, chain stores have a tendency to push certain products or services on you. A local mechanic doesn’t have as many affiliations, and can provide you auto repairs without an agenda. There may be easy fixes that can keep your car running that a larger store would totally ignore, to sell you a more expensive product.